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Born To Sing - Annie

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Born To Sing - Annie Empty Born To Sing - Annie

Post by Jim Colyer on Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:10 am

Getting Annie Bushmeyer a label in Nashville.

Born To Sing http://jimcolyer.com/sitebuilder/flash/player?f=/music/flash/playlist.xml%3Ft%3D759

I left my home
In Illinois
I drove down to Nashville
To make my noise
They rolled out the carpet
I'm giving country music a fling
They said, "Girl! You're gonna make it!"
You were Born To Sing

I made my home
In the studio
16th Avenue
Music Row
I'm not in the office
I'm not into that kind of thing
I was never meant to type
I was Born To Sing

8-line bridge:
I got a 5-piece band, they're devoted to me
Hottest young pickers down in Tennessee
Songwriters pitching me their latest songs
Radio playing to the folks back home
Fan letters coming in from 50 states
I'll be in your town, so look for the dates
My agent called in the middle of the night
We're leaving for Vegas on the morning flight

Guitar (16 bar solo)

Some women work
In a restaurant
Others get off
Giving men what they want
Well, I'm no different
I've got a country king
But he understands
I was Born To Sing
He understands
I was Born To Sing
I was Born To Sing
I was Born To Sing

guitar outro

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